Renault rules out U.S. return

Renault won\'t sell cars in the US, but the tiny Twizy will soon be available in Quebec.

A few weeks ago, an enigmatic trademark filing uncovered by German media outlets seemingly hinted Renault was in the early stages of planning a comeback to the United States and Canada after a roughly 25-year absence. Speaking to Leftlane, the automaker has flatly rejected the rumors.

"Returning to the U.S. is simply not something we're considering at this point," said a spokesperson for the company during the launch of the Kadjar crossover.

In other words, buyers shouldn't expect to see mass-produced Renaults like the rear-engined Twingo, the Juke-fighting Captur and the popular Clio land on our shores any time soon. However, returning to the U.S. and Canada isn't a simple black-and-white issue.

Interestingly, our neighbors up north will soon be able to buy a vehicle with a Renault emblem, but it won't exactly be a car. The all-electric Twizy (pictured) is scheduled to go on sale in a handful of dealers across Quebec in the next couple of months. A few examples will be sold to the general public, but the company explains the EV will largely be aimed at fleet and business buyers.

Renault will launch the first Alpine sports car of the 21st century at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Its main market will be Europe, but the Paris-based automaker hasn't ruled out selling the coupe in the United States in order to help offset the cost of developing it. A final decision on the matter will be made closer to the car's launch.

Photos by Ronan Glon.

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