Subaru details Starlink packages, pricing

The range of services includes automatic collision notification, SOS assistance, stolen-vehicle recovery and remote lock/unlock, among other features.

Subaru has detailed and priced its new StarLink security and safety services, powered by SiriusXM satellites and AT&T's LTE wireless network.

Serving as a rival to General Motors' OnStar platform, StarLink is available in two different packages. Buyers can choose from a basic safety-focused subscription, or the full-featured safety-and-security bundle.

StarLink Safety Plus uses the satellite and wireless networks to enable automatic collision notification and SOS emergency assistance, along with other non-connected add-ons such as enhanced roadside assistance, maintenance notifications, vehicle health reports and diagnostic alerts.

The upgraded Safety Plus & Security Plus offering adds a stolen-vehicle recovery service, security alarm notifications, remote lock/unlock, remote horn and lights, and a vehicle locator.

Many of the capabilities will initially be accessible via StarLink and SOS buttons adjacent to the overhead cabin lights. Some features will eventually be added to a web-based interface and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

StarLink Safety Plus is included as a free program for the first year of vehicle ownership, after which it costs $99 for a two-year subscription. The safety-and-security bundle can be added to the first year of ownership for $49, before the price rises to $149 for a two-year subscription. Both long-term pricing schedules are significantly cheaper than OnStar, which costs between $200 and $350 per year.

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