Subaru funds additional pet-focused crash testing

The latest round of tests will assess the crashworthiness of pet crates and small carriers.

Subaru has promised to fund another round of crash-test research focused on pet safety products.

The company teamed with the Center for Pet Safety in 2013 to assess a broad range of pet harnesses. Dummy dogs of various sizes were put through a series of crash scenarios to determine if the harnesses held up to the forces or broke apart upon impact.

"The resulting Harness Crashworthiness Study uncovered major differences in performance of popular pet restraints, with many resulting in catastrophic failure that could cause serious injury to both the pet and vehicle passengers," Subaru notes.

The automaker and CPS are moving forward to the next stage of testing, assessing the crashworthiness of pet crates and small carriers. The duo will eventually release a crate sizing guide and detail the best practices for securing pets in vehicles.

"No performance standards or test protocols currently exist in the U.S. for pet crates or carriers, and while many pet safety product manufacturers claim to test their products, they can't be substantiated without uniform test standards and protocols," says CPS chief executive Lindsey Wolko.

Results are expected to be published this summer.

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