Newly filed Toyota S-FR trademark fuels sports car speculation

Could this mean a new Supra?

Toyota has trademarked a new name that could reveal an upcoming sports car.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company the name "Toyota S-FR" for use in the "automobiles and structural parts thereof" category. SupraMkV.com had the scoop, fueling speculation that Toyota is setting the stage for the return of a Supra-level sports car.

The S-FR designation is very close to that of the entry level Scion FR-S sports car. In that usage, it stands for "Front-engined, Rear-drive Sportscar." It's possible this be the case of a company simply staking a claim on trademarks similar to existing products, a common practice in the industry.

Another possibility, floated by Jalopnik, is that the S-FR could be a next-generation replacement for the Scion FR-S. In that case, it is curious that the full trademarked name is "Toyota S-FR."

Lastly, there have been rumors that CEO Akio Toyoda wants a three-sports car lineup in his company, with a Supra-like car slotting above the Scion FR-S and a smaller car slotting below it. S-FR could be the name for this vehicle, but US sales for a car with smaller numbers than the FR-S is unlikely, as the 200hp coupe receives constant excoriation by armchair racers.

The trademark was filed May 28, 2015.

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