FCA recalls Fiat 500e to fix cruise control

Control software can misread torque levels, causing the vehicle to enter failsafe mode when operating under cruise control.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is facing more software trouble with its Fiat 500e electric hatchback.

The company has issued a recall to upgrade the cruise-control software, which is prone to cause the vehicle to enter a failsafe mode.

Following a review of warranty data, FCA engineers opened an investigation and found that a software deficiency was causing the vehicles to misread torque data from the electric motors. The glitch consequently triggers the failsafe condition, switching into neutral and preventing further progress.

"This condition may occur only while cruise-control is engaged and the driver attempts to override the feature with accelerator-pedal applications or rapid tapping of the accelerate/decelerate buttons," the company said in a statement.

The problem, which affects approximately 3,975 vehicles. has not been blamed for any accidents or injuries.

FCA expects to begin fixing the cars in the near future.

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