PETA wants Tesla to go vegan

PETA is hoping Tesla will stop using leather.

Tesla is one of the most environmentally friendly car brands you can buy — having produced only electric cars since its inception — but the the California automaker maker is now facing new pressure from the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals to switch to "vegan” interiors.

The issue of vegan interiors was raised after Mark Peters and Elizabeth Farrell Peters, two Tesla share holders, proposed that the company stop using "animal-sourced materials” for the interiors of its vehicles by 2019. The measure was shot down on Wednesday when it was put to a vote.

Mark Peters argued that raising cattle for the production of leather creates a large amount of greenhouse gases, which runs in "direct conflict” with Tesla's goal of reducing the automobile's impact on the environment.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he'd consider the initiative, but the automaker doesn't have plans to abandon leather any time soon. Tesla's board said via a proxy statement that "exploring alternatives would impede or delay” the company's other projects.

Although neither Mark Peters nor Elizabeth Farrell Peters cited any links to PETA in their proposal, the organization has contacted Tesla about switching to vegan leather.

"We ask companies in a host of industries to reduce their carbon footprint by using only vegan leather," Anne Kellogg, PETA's senior corporate liaison, told USA Today. "We encourage all companies, including automakers to use only innovative high-tech interiors.”

Tesla does offer a cloth seating option in its Model S sedan, but leather is still used for trim items like the steering wheel.

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