Next Nissan Z to move down market?

Although the IDx still appears unlikely, Nissan has hinted at big plans for the 370Z\'s successor.

Nissan recently downplayed the thought of sending its IDx concepts into production, but an executive suggests the next-generation Z-car could still take inspiration from its classic predecessors.

"We would like to do something, I personally think, [that] is more [in the] original concept of Z, which is ... more practical and appealing to younger customers," Nissan's chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura told Autoblog in a recent interview. "We are questioning ourselves in repeating the 350, 370. We don't want to create 390Z, right?"

The original 240Z is said to have arrived late in 1969 with a $3,600 price tag, equivalent to less than $24,000 when adjusted for inflation. For comparison, the 2015 370Z fetches around $30,000. Scion and Subaru are having their own trouble maintaining sales of the sub-$26,000 FR-S and BRZ, however both collectively outsold the 370Z by a two-to-one margin for the first five months of the year.

The company previously claimed the 370Z's platform cannot be easily downsized to accommodate smaller powertrains or a smaller vehicle footprint. Nakamura did not elaborate on what design changes would make the 370Z more practical and aimed at younger buyers.

"We are studying a couple of different concepts," he added. "We still need time to finalize this."

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