MD-based firm launches line of carbon fiber supercar bodies

The conversion costs anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000.

A Maryland-based company called Vitesse | AuDessus has introduced a new line of custom-built carbon fiber bodies for German, Italian and British supercars.

The bodies are made using pure carbon fiber that is laid out, cured and finished by hand. Buyers can select one of several different types of weaves, and they can choose to have the body painted just about any color or simply left bare and clear-coated.

Customers are encouraged to participate in the conversion process, and Vitesse | AuDessus provides them with a long list of visual aids including samples of the different types of carbon fiber and realistic 3D renderings of what the finished car will look like. The body can be an exact replica of an OEM unit, a wild one-off or anything in between.

Vitesse | AuDessus currently makes bodies for the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari 458, the Bugatti Veyron as well as a handful of McLaren, Bentley and Aston Martin models.

Done entirely by hand, the conversion costs anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000 and it can take up to two weeks depending on the model and the scope of the modifications. The parts removed during the process are returned to customers in good condition, meaning the carbon fiber-bodied car can be converted back to stock if necessary.

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