Civil right group, GM at odds over Kid Rock Confederate flag comment

GM is facing opposition to its sponsorship of Kid Rock.

General Motors' Chevrolet division has found itself at the center of a brewing controversy following a remark made by Kid Rock in regard to the Confederate flag. Chevy currently sponsor's Kid Rock's summer concert tour and also uses the rockstar's music in some of its ads.

The hubbub started last week after a Fox News interview with Rock. Following a segment about Kid Rock and the Confederate flag, show host Megyn Kelly quoted the singer as saying, "Please tell the people protesting that they can kiss my ….”

Rock's publicist, Nick Stern, said the snippet was from a conversation with Kelly and was not intended as an official statement.

Regardless of intent, the National Action Network, which was founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton, is calling for Chevy to cut all ties with Rock. The organization says the Confederate flag, which was removed from the South Carolina state house last week, represents racism and hatred.

"It's obvious to us that, by supporting (Rock), while he's making inflammatory statements, General Motors becomes an accomplice if they allow him their support to stand behind his statements,” Rev. Charles Williams II, who leads the Detroit chapter of the NAN, told The Detroit Free Press.

Chevrolet says it has no plans to yank its sponsorship of the rockstar.

"We are committed to our sponsorship of Kid Rock's summer tour and are confident that he will provide his fans, many of whom are proud Chevrolet owners, with a spectacular concert experience that celebrates American Freedom," Chevy said in a statement.

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