Japan creates one make series for Dodge Ram Van [Video]

The Dodge Van has found a new use in Japan.

The Dodge Ram Van seems like an unlikely candidate for a one make race, but that's just what one group of racing enthusiasts in Japan have created.

Admittedly a little crazy sounding, the origins of Japan's D-Van Grand Prix, an annual race between Dodge Vans at Japan's Ebisu Circuit, has some logical roots. Ebisuuu is a motorcycling racing track, with the Dodge Van being the vehicle of choice for hauling two-wheels to and from the track. One day during a lunch break, a group of racers decided that it'd be fun to put the vans on-track for a little friendly competition. Word quickly spread about the van race and now, eight years later, it's become so popular that it has its own annual event.

Unlikely the early days, the Dodge vans used are now highly modified, with some sporting upgrades like Brembo brakes, magnesium wheels and carbon fiber hoods. Although designed for utility rather than sportiness, the van's front-mid engine layout, V8 engine and rear wheel drive has made it a darling among the drivers.

Curious to find out more, Daytona Magazine recently completed a mini documentary on the odd racing phenomenon.

We doubt D-Van racing will ever become the next F1, but it certainly is entertaining to see the vans haul ass instead of cargo.

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