Fiat 124 Spider said to have "masculine" styling

Fiat\'s design head says the MX-5-based roadster will not be \"delicate.\"

The upcoming Fiat 124 Spider will have macho styling, says the FCA designer responsible for re-skinning the Mazda MX-5 for Fiat.

Speaking to Top Gear at a Fiat 500 press event, Fiat design chief Roberto Giolito appears to be addressing a concern that the Mazda MX-5, which debuted in 1989 as the Miata, is often stereotyped as a "hairdresser's car," despite being one of the most popular affordable racing platforms available. Giolito described the upcoming droptop sports car as "very masculine" and "not at all 'delicate.'" This image is something the 2016 MX-5 designers sought to correct, with sharper angles and edges in the face while still retaining an overall Miata family resemblance.

Aside from the look, which was hinted at in spy shots earlier this week, Fiat will also be supplying its own engines: a 1.4L turbo four capable of over 200hp and potentially a 1.8L turbo four for the Abarth version.

Mated with Mazda's lightweight SkyActiv chassis and handling dynamics, the Fiat 124 promises to be a superb roadster. In fact, it will be the brand's first since the Barchetta went away in 2005.

When prodded about when the public might see the 124 in its sheetmetal, Giolito said "You really have to wait a few months.... Maybe Geneva, or even earlier."

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