Frankfurt preview: smart MadeForSix by Limouzine

The tiny car gets less tiny.

If you've ever sat in a smart fortwo and thought, "This car would be so much better as a limousine," German upstart Limouzine has you covered.

Debuting next week at the the Frankfurt International Motor Show, Limouzine.de's new smart "MadeForSix" is exactly what you think it is: a stretched smart fortwo capable of hauling four rear passengers (add the driver and front side seat and the name makes more sense).

The MadeForSix is double the length of the donor fortwo, measuring more than 18 feet front-to-rear (or roughly the same length as a Cadillac Escalade ESV) and it sports as many wheels as it does seats. We can't imagine that the up-sized wheel and tire package in the press photos makes for a particularly luxurious ride, but then again, we're talking about a smart limo here.

Where it counts, the MadeForSix shows up. The rear passenger area has a wing-style door which leads to a luxuriously appointed cabin complete with a bar, entertainment screens and climate control system. Presumably, the individual in the "Limouzine" shirt standing in the background of the interior photo is a special-order option.

With more weight comes more oomph, but we're not entirely sure from whence. Limouzine hasn't given any specs aside from a 120-horsepower output claim. Considering the MadeForSix is based on the outgoing fortwo, which features a peppy-for-its-size 70-horsepower mill, some work has obviously been done.

Stay tuned next week for full details and live photos from Leftlane.

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