Frankfurt LIVE: Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept

The concept is envisioned as an endurance racer that can reach 250 mph on four sections at Le Mans.

Bugatti has officially introduced its Vision Gran Turismo concept.

Despite its futuristic appearance that draws from the Veyron, the project is said to pay homage to the brand's racing heritage in the 1920s and 1930s. Designers took inspiration from a two-time Le Mans champion of the era, a Bugatti Type 57 Tank, as a theme for the Vision GT concept, clad in a classic two-tone blue finish to match the historic racer and the French automaker's signature color.

The concept features Bugatti's characteristic profile and horse shoe on the front grille, centered between eight-eyed headlights. A fin runs the length of the roof, inspired by the Type 57 Atlantic from 1936. Naturally, the real-world replica features plenty of carbon fiber, carbon-ceramic brake rotors and a removable steering wheel.

The company has not yet released specific theoretical specifications for the concept, aside from its W16 powerplant, however engineers' calculations suggest it could reach 250 mph on four different track sections at Le Mans.

"With our extreme speed on the long straights, we could make up for any disadvantages on the bends, and would then be as quick in the virtual world as the fastest real-life LMP1 race car, which, unlike us in the video game, naturally needs to comply with all FIA and ACO regulations," said Bugatti's head of chassis development, Florian Umbach.

There are no plans to develop the car beyond the realm of the Gran Turismo racing game, though some of the styling elements could hint at a future design language for the exclusive marque.

Live images by Ronan Glon.

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