Mercedes-AMG working on 12-cylinder car to slot above GT

The GT family will still expand, but it will eventually be relegated to a lower tier when the new halo arrives.

Mercedes-AMG has reportedly confirmed development work on a new halo car to slot above the current GT.

The company has insisted that a direct successor to the gull-wing SLS is out of the question, however a product planner has indicated to Autoblog that the company nonetheless intends to expand its range with a new halo car. Specific details remain scant, though the executive is said to have suggested the model will be powered by a 12-cylinder engine.

Executives last year promised to keep improving its 6.0-liter V12, revising the engine to meet ever-tightening emissions regulations, but the latest report suggests engineers may be working on an entirely new 12-cylinder mill. In either case, some form of hybrid technology is expected to help the powerplant reduce fuel consumption while raising the bar in terms of performance.

It is unclear if the new halo car could be related to Mercedes-AMG's long-rumored Porsche Panamera fighter. The car is expected to borrow architecture being developed for the next-generation E-Class, but with a unique body styling described as a GT-inspired four-door coupe. Previous reports suggested it will cost more than the base GT, however the unconfirmed details implied that it would be sold alongside the GT rather than serve as a new halo car.

Whatever form it takes, the new car is not expected to arrive in the immediate future. Mercedes-AMG is still working on building out the GT family with new variants, including a promised Black Series package that will serve as a new range topper.

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