Tesla quietly bumps Model X range to 250 miles

The company initially quoted a range of 240 miles for its first electric crossover.

Tesla Motors has reportedly increased its range estimate for the Model X crossover.

Reports based on an invite-only configuration portal initially quoted a distance of 240 miles, however the listed specs have been quietly changed to a promise of 250 miles, according to Green Car Reports.

The figure is tied to the range-topping P90D Signature Series, integrating a 90-kWh battery pack. In contrast, the the Model S P85D received a 253-mile EPA range and Tesla suggests the 90-kWh battery should bring the number up by six percent to 268 miles.

Tesla has not yet detailed the entire range of available configurations for the Model X, but a rear-wheel-drive or non-performance package could offer greater range than 250 miles with the same 90-kWh battery pack.

The Model X Signature Series carries a $132,000 price tag, though Tesla chief Elon Musk previously promised that the crossover will only cost approximately $5,000 more than a similarly-equipped Model S sedan.

The first batch will be ready by the end of the month, ahead of volume production toward the end of the year. Tesla is not expected to introduce the entry-level packages until 2016.

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