Musk predicts 2020 Teslas will have 750-mile range, full autonomous tech

Big changes are coming to the Tesla lineup.

Outspoken Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has shed insight into how fast battery technology will evolve in the coming years, and what the company's self-driving future looks like.

Speaking to a Danish television station, Musk predicted that a Tesla with a maximum driving range of about 620 miles -- over 350 miles more than the most potent Model S on sale today -- will arrive in 2017 at the very latest. However, he didn't specify which model will be the first to cross the 600-mile threshold. Tesla's lineup is currently made up of a single car, but it will include at least three nameplates (the Model S, the Model X and the Model 3) in 2017 if everything goes according to plan.

The executive added that range can be expanded by roughly five to ten percent a year, meaning a Tesla will theoretically be able to drive nearly 750 miles on a charge in 2020.

The company's autonomous steering technology is currently being fine-tuned by a team of carefully-selected beta testers, and it will be released to the general public next month. However, the technology only works on the highway and on "relatively simple" roads where the lanes are clearly marked.

Musk expects that a fully autonomous Tesla capable of driving itself on all types of roads without any input from the driver will be ready in approximately three years. However, he also warns that it will take one to three years after that for the government to allow the sale of self-driving cars to the general public, meaning the earliest we can expect to see an autonomous Tesla is 2019.

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