Spied: Fiat 124 Spider caught undisguised

The Fiat 124 has been caught in the flesh.

Fiat's upcoming 124 Spider has been caught completely undisguised on the set of a photo shoot. Fiat is expected to unveil the Mazda Miata-based 124 at the upcoming Los Angeles auto show.

Although based on the Miata, it's clear that Fiat's take on the compact roadster will have a completely different look. The 124 is noticeably longer than the Miata, with a front fascia that extends well beyond the front axle. Although our spies weren't able to nab a clear front shot of the 124, it appears as though the roadster will adopt a look similar to that of Fiat's Maserati line.

That familial resemblance continues at the back with a set of taillights that mimic those found on the Maserati Quattroporte. The 124 also borrows Maserati's integrated duck tail spoiler.

The 124's Mazda bones are easier to spot on the inside with a cockpit that is largely the same as the Miata's. There could be one major change in store — the upper part of the inside of the 124's doors appear to be covered in some kind of material rather than the painted treatment found on the Miata. However, it's difficult to tell for sure if what we're seeing is some kind of fabric or paint.

The 124 Spider will be powered by a version of Fiat's 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A higher-spec Abarth model will eventually be offered with he same 1750 motor used in the Alfa Romeo 4C. The 124 Abarth won't likely arrive until sometime next year.

Be sure to check back for the Fiat 124 Spider's live unveiling from LA in November.

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