Jeep pickup still on the table, might not be Wrangler-based

The company is debating if the truck will be based on the Wrangler or launched as a standalone model.

Jeep has revealed that it hasn't abandoned the idea of introducing a pickup truck in the not-too-distant future.

Mike Allen, the company's head of design, told Australian website Motoring that officials talk about the on-again, off-again truck on a regular basis. However, the pickup still has several obstacles to clear before it's given the proverbial green light for production.

One of the issues is simply deciding that form the pickup will take. The first option that Jeep is looking at is launching a truck that's essentially a long-wheelbase version of the next Wrangler fitted with a pickup bed. If that route is chosen, the model will most likely end up looking a lot like the CJ-8 that was built during the 1980s and the Gladiator concept (pictured) that was shown in Detroit a decade ago.

The second option on the table is to launch the truck as a standalone, leisure-oriented model that puts a bigger focus on play than on work. It wouldn't be as affordable to build as a Wrangler-based pickup, but it would reach a much wider audience around the world. Global appeal is a big priority for Jeep as it prepares to conquer new markets.

Allen also mentioned that there are also more complex issues facing the truck, such as where to build it.

"We sell every Wrangler we make, there's no extra room at the plant, so there are other issues beyond the vehicle itself. That's all gotta be sorted out," explained the executive in an interview.

If Jeep finally approves the truck for production, it will likely make its public debut at a major auto show before the end of the decade.

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