Toyota unveils Back to the Future-inspired Tacoma

Just starting on the second coat of wax, Mr. McFly.

Following an earlier teaser, Toyota has fully unveiled its 2016 Tacoma inspired by the pickup truck used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II.

Although Doc Brown's DeLorean was the undisputed car star of the Back to the Future franchise, Marty's 1985 Toyota pickup truck also enjoyed a certain amount of notoriety. In an effort to celebrate Back to the Future Day — October 21, 2015, the same day visited by the second installment of the film series — Toyota has recreated Marty's ride.

Using a 2016 Tacoma as a base, Toyota added a custom 1985 Toyota truck exterior paint, complete with "D-4S' Fuel Injection badging, the iconic "TOYOTA” logo scrolled across the tailgate and vintage 1985 Toyota truck mud flaps. Staying true to the movie truck, the Tacoma also features front and rear tubular bumpers, custom light bar, KC auxiliary lights and 1985-inspired head and taillights. An off-road suspension, TRD wheels and BFGoodrich tires completes the look.

Unfortunately for fans of the Back to the Future series, it doesn't appear as though Toyota has any plans to produce the 1985-inspired Tacoma. The truck will, however, be on display in "major tourist destinations” in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas for today only.

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