New company uses Tesla Model S as shuttle between major cities

Tesloop has begun LA-to-Vegas runs.

A new company plans to shuttle passengers between cities using Tesla vehicles. Called Tesloop, it advertises itself as a eco-friendly and luxurious alternative to flying and or coach buses.

Tesloop began operations this summer between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, boasting 40 passengers during its first week of operations. Each ride costs $85 one-way, regardless of the number of passengers sharing the ride. Costs are competitive with a one-way flight between the two cities.

According to the company website, rides begin and end at Tesla Supercharger locations. Passengers are allowed one carry-on size rolling suitcase and two personal items. Food and beverages are also allowed, but only meals that will not muss up the upholstery. As of now, LA-Vegas is its only route, but the company plans to expand to Palm Springs, San Diego and Santa Barbara soon.

Tesloop was founded by 16-year-old Hadyn Sonad, who was still in high school when he established the company. His father helped him lease the $70,000 Tesla Model S with which he founded the company. Sonad believes he can make $5,000 a month with the service, he told Vice. He was also encouraged when Tesla founder Elon Musk said the Autopilot technology was only three years away from allowing occupants to sleep in the car.

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