McLaren could build one-off SUV if buyers demand it

A regular-production McLaren SUV has been categorically ruled out.

McLaren has previously made it clear that it's not planning on branching out into the world of crossovers and SUVs. However, the company's Special Operations division is open to the idea of building a one-off off-roader if a buyer with deep enough pockets demands it.

"With MSO, we did a car a few years ago that was harking back to coachbuilding. If you come to MSO, we could design you an all-new body, a power increase or decrease. We can design you whatever you want, if you have the money for it," explained Robert Melville, McLaren's chief designer, in an interview with British magazine Autocar.

While McLaren's MSO division has what it takes to develop a four-seater SUV, Melville explained the process would cost "millions and millions of pounds" because the model would have to ride on a brand new carbon fiber tub designed from scratch. Of course, the specifications sheet is purely theoretical because a McLaren SUV hasn't been commissioned yet.

MSO aside, McLaren is focusing on the models that make up its Sports, Super and Ultimate Series. In other words, enthusiasts shouldn't their breath waiting for a regular-production Porsche Cayenne fighter with a McLaren emblem on the hood or, for that matter, a full-size sport sedan designed to take on the Aston Martin Rapide.

Note: McLaren 675LT Spider pictured.

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