Russia-bound Chevrolet Niva revealed in patent images

The second-generation Chevrolet Niva won\'t make the trip to the United States.

Images leaked out of a Russian patent office have given us an early look at the second generation of the Chevrolet Niva.

Designed largely for the Russian market, the new Niva is essentially a toned-down version of the Niva concept that made its official debut over a year ago at the Moscow Motor Show. It looks markedly more modern than the outdated-yet-rugged current model thanks in part to a muscular-looking front end that falls in line with Chevrolet's current design language and sculpted sides.

Media outlets in Russia speculate the Niva will offer about 120 horsepower, but whether it will use a 1.6-liter four-cylinder or a 1.8-liter unit is up in the air at this point. Regardless, the four-banger will spin all four wheels via a manual transmission.

Chevrolet will begin building the Niva in Togliatti, Russia, in the next few weeks, and the SUV will land in showrooms across Russia shortly after. Chevrolet is not planning on selling the Niva in the United States, and the off-roader won't be sold in Europe because the brand will leave the Old Continent in a little over a week.

Niva etymologyThe current generation of the Chevrolet Niva is a distant relative of the Lada Niva, an old-fashioned, function-over-form off-roader born 37 years ago when Russian officials asked engineers to create "a Renault 5 on a Land Rover chassis." Still distributed in Europe and in Russia, the original Niva will likely stick around long enough to celebrate its 40th birthday but the new Chevrolet Niva shares no parts with the eponymous Lada.

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