Mercedes-AMG confirms hybrid models

The first hybrids will likely be thirsty, V8-powered models.

Confirming a recent rumor, Mercedes-AMG has announced it's in the early stages of developing performance-focused hybrid powertrains.

AMG boss Tobias Moers told Australian website Motoring that a small team of engineers is currently looking at how to integrate electrification into the company's lineup. He didn't specify precisely which cars the team is working with, but he hinted that the first hybrids will likely be thirsty, V8-powered models like the C63 and the 911-fighting GT (pictured).

Adding a motor and a battery pack will make future AMGs faster, but it will also make them heavier so the company is going to great lengths to offset the added pounds. Notably, the team in charge of developing hybrids includes engineers transferred from Mercedes-AMG's successful Formula One program. Moers also conceded he's considering reducing the number of platforms in AMG's parts bin in order to facilitate the task of going hybrid. Such a shift would also make future models less costly too develop and markedly less complicated.

"We have three different layouts in place, east-west, GT, and C63. All different platforms and layouts," he explained. "Maybe we combine layouts?"

Moers said AMG won't launch a hybrid until it absolutely has to, meaning the gasoline-electric technology is unlikely to hit showrooms before 2020. Interestingly, rival BMW M recently announced that going hybrid in the coming years is all but inevitable, and that future M cars will need to offer some form of electrification to comply with the stringent emissions regulations that will soon come into effect all around the globe.

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