Ram considering mid-size pickup after all

A mid-size model would help boost Ram\'s presence in international markets.

Last year, Ram announced that it had no plans to take on the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon twins and the Toyota Tacoma with a mid-size pickup truck. However, a new report suggests the company has changed its mind over the past few months.

"I think there's opportunity there in the U.S. if you look at what's happened in the mid-size segment here - significant growth last year," said Ram boss Mike Manley in an interview with The Detroit News.

Ram parent company Fiat-Chrysler will return to the mid-size truck segment in a couple of years' time when Jeep introduces a pickup variant of the next-gen Wrangler. Manley believes there's enough room in the segment for both a Wrangler truck and a successor to the Dodge Dakota (pictured), though he wouldn't confirm that Ram is preparing to launch a model positioned below the 1500.

Launching a mid-size truck could help Ram expand its presence outside of the United States, where the 1500 is often considered too big. A mid-size model likely wouldn't fare very well in Europe, where pickup sales are low at best, but it could go head-to-head against popular similarly-sized trucks built by Nissan and Toyota in regions like Latin America, the Middle East, and Australia. The global mid-size truck segment is promising enough that even Mercedes-Benz is eager to get a slice of the pie.

If approved for production, Ram's mid-size model is at least a couple of years away from hitting showrooms.

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