FCA CEO weighing non-automotive partners

It\'s looking increasingly like FCA might partner with a non-automotive firm.

Fiat Chrysler chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne says his company is actively searching for a strategic partner outside of the automotive industry.

Marchionne's desire to team with another company is no secret, but so far the Italian-born executive has only targeted other automakers such as General Motors. However, with no bites on the OEM side, Marchionne is branching out to other industries.

"We have parallel conversations with many players who are outside the auto sector at the moment," Marchionne told Reuters.

He added: "We can't go into these discussions with a precise idea of what FCA wants. We're learning, just as they are learning. And the solution will be a shared solution and developed together with them, not developed by us alone.”

Marchionne didn't reveal the names of any of the companies he's spoken with, but it's widely believed that Google and Apple could be looking for an automotive partner to realize their autonomous car goals. It remains to be seen, however, if FCA would be the right fit for either company.

Although FCA is still searching for a strategic partner, the company recently shot down a tie-up with France's PSA. Marchionne cited PSA's relative weakness in China as a reason for nixing the deal.

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