Nissan teases GT-R Nismo 'world record' [Video]

The mysterious video shows the GT-R Nismo on an airport runway.

Nissan has released a short teaser video for a new world record attempt by the GT-R Nismo.

"Coming at you in full force! No pause button here, just a #GTR #NISMO on a mission!" the vague description reads.

The video was published by Nissan's Middle East division and shows a GT-R Nismo on an airport runway, clad in "World Record Challenge" graphics.

The car appears to be the current GT-R Nismo, rather than a Nismo variant of the 2017 GT-R facelift. The current Nismo is no slouch, delivering 600 horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque -- enough power to launch the coupe around the Nurburgring circuit in just 7:08.69.

More details of the latest record attempt are "coming soon."

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