Audi considering new mid-engine car based on Porsche Cayman?

The sports car would slot between the existing TT and flagship R8.

Audi is reportedly still mulling a new mid-engine sports car to position between the existing TT and flagship R8.

Talk of such a project has regularly surfaced for several years, however the rumors have not yet come to fruition.

The latest report, published by Germany's AutoBild (NSFW ads), claims Audi will borrow the Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman's chassis. The Audi-styled car is expected to be labeled the R6 when it arrives on the market.

Previous reports suggest Audi will borrow design elements from several previous concepts, including the Sport Quattro (pictured) that debuted in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 powered the concept, however the 'R6' nameplate hints at a six-cylinder engine for the production car.

Separate rumors claim Audi is preparing to launch a V6-powered R8, serving as a replacement for the apparently retired entry-level V8 edition. If accurate, the latest report suggests the V8 edition may have been eliminated to avoid cannibalization with an entirely new model that could bring a similar price tag.

If the project does move forward, Audi is expected to offer the R6 in both coupe and convertible packages.

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