Toyota tallies 9 millionth hybrid sale

Toyota\'s hybrid sales continue to roll.

Total sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles have topped 9 million units, the Japanese automaker announced on Friday.

According to Toyota, it sold its 9 millionth hybrid sometime during the end of April. As of April 30th, Toyota's global hybrid sales stood at 9.014 million units.

Although that sales figure is impressive on its own, Toyota's sales pace of hybridized vehicles is even more staggering. It took Toyota a decade to sell its first million hybrids, but Toyota is now selling that many hybrid vehicles in just nine months.

Toyota is hoping to have 15 million hybrid sales under its belt by 2020, at which time the automaker plans to sell 1.5 million hybrid vehicles annually. Toyota currently markets 33 hybrids and one plug-in hybrid in 90 countries and regions across the globe.

According to Toyota, its hybrid vehicles have reduced CO2 emissions by 67 million tons.

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