Tesla exec hints at electric pickup truck

Could Tesla be working on an electric pickup truck?

A top Tesla executive has hinted that the company could be working on a new electric pickup truck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk first suggested that Tesla could eventually build a truck back in 2013.

JB Straubel, Tesla's Chief Technical Officer, was the keynote speaker at the recent International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany, and was asked a few questions during the event. One of those questions involved the idea of a Tesla pickup truck, which Straubel seemed to indicate was a distinct possibility.

"I can't say too much about the new products and the things we are developing, but from a pure technology point of view, everything that we've done on vehicles translates directly into trucks,” he said, according to HybridCars.com.

Straubel added: "There's no reason that today you can't make a very compelling electric truck. They can charge at same sort of times as a Model S — as one of our passenger vehicles — and have the same economy of operation.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk floated the idea of an electric pickup truck over three years ago.

"I have this idea for a really advanced electric truck that has the performance of a sports car but actually more towing power and more carrying capacity than a gasoline or diesel truck of comparable size,” Musk said in April of 2013.

Tesla is currently focused on getting the Model 3 sedan ready for launch in late 2017, so we doubt we'll hear anything official on the pickup truck for the next couple of years. However, it might make sense for Tesla to launch the rumored pickup truck alongside the next-generation Model S sedan, which should debut before the turn of the decade.

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