Toyota Camry again tops American-Made Index

The Camry is assembled in Kentucky and sources parts from more than 270 suppliers in the US.

The Toyota Camry has once again topped Cars.com's American-Made Index, leading the list for the second year in a row and the sixth time overall.

The car is built at Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky, assembly plant, while sourcing parts from more than 270 US-based suppliers. The company claims its domestic content is 75 percent, the bare minimum to be qualified for the index.

The second position was held by the Honda Accord, built in Marysville, Ohio, while the Indiana-assembled Toyota Sienna achieved the third spot. Honda maintained the most vehicles on the list, including the Odyssey and Pilot.

Only eight cars qualified for the list this year, up from seven cars in 2015 but still far lower than earlier years. Dozens of models are said to have qualified as recently as 2011.

Notably, US-based automakers only held the bottom three positions on the latest index. In descending order, the models include the Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave.

"For several years, we've also published what the results would be if the AMI used production numbers instead of sales figures as a barometer of assembly-line employment," the report notes. "That puts the Honda Accord, not the Toyota Camry, up top."

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