Karma Automotive preps California factory to build 'Revero'

The revived Fisker Karma will feature a few unique styling elements, but the overall design will remain mostly unchanged.

Karma Automotive has reportedly kicked off pre-production validations and training at its California factory.

Now backed by China's Wanxiang Group, the company is currently using the name 'Revero' for the revived Karma, according to an LA Times report. The startup had previously used the term "The New Fisker" and rumors pointed to a further branding change to "Elux," so the Revero name may not be finalized.

Despite the shifting names, Karma's Moreno Valley factory is said to be bustling with activity as the company gets closer to production. Wanxiang reportedly moved Fisker's tooling from Finland, where it sat idle since the bankruptcy. More than 100 completed Karma vehicles and unassembled components were also shipped to California to help train workers and calibrate robots.

The company clearly wants to show that it is serious about selling cars, but its new owners promise that the same mistakes won't be made -- even if the project takes more time.

"We have no pressure that this car has to be in showrooms by Thanksgiving," Karma's chief marketing officer, Jim Taylor, told the LA Times. "We'll reveal the car this summer, and the pricing."

Previous reports suggest the price will fall around $135,000, with up to 3,000 units rolling off the assembly line each year.

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