Report: Tesla to debut Autopilot 2.0, new sensors this year

Prototype vehicles have been spotted with dual forward cameras, rumored to be capable of reading stop signs and traffic lights.

In the wake of the first fatality involving a Model S operating in semi-autonomous mode, Tesla is reportedly readying an improved version of its Autopilot technology.

The company has regularly improved the current system, gradually activating more features such as Summon self-parking. Autopilot 2.0 is expected to bring a significant jump in capabilities, potentially requiring a more advanced sensor suite than that of the current Model S and Model X.

Sources have told TechnoBuffalo the upgrade will center around dual forward-facing cameras.

"The dual camera system is capable of recognizing and reacting to stop signs and traffic lights with no driver input," the report notes.

The fatal accident demonstrated the limitations of a single camera, which apparently failed to distinguish a white trailer against the Florida sky. It is unclear if dual cameras will better spot such obstacles, as two lenses could provide a three-dimensional image to complement data from radar sensors.

Like the current Autopilot system, v2.0 is expected to roll out as a public 'beta' when it arrives sometime later this year. The company has not yet officially confirmed any specific details or launch timing.

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