Apple CarPlay and Android Auto introduced on Nissan models in Japan

Could the technology be on its way to the US?

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay may soon be coming to a variety of Nissan vehicles. Nissan has released a video in Japan in which shows Shigeki Konta of Nissan's Global Conversion and Accessories Department, using the smartphone connection feature in new Juke.

Although the video is in Japanese, the subject is clear. Konta connects two smartphones — first an Android, then an iPhone - to a cable connected to a newly designed Nissan navigation and infotainment module. The smartphone's major apps, such as Google Maps or iTunes, are immediately ported to the TFT screen on the center console.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow the two smartphone users to seamlessly control their phone's major apps from the car's controls, as if they were built in to the navigation or infotainment systems.

Currently, the Nissan Maxima is the only Nissan vehicle sold in the US that has the Apple CarPlay function. However, with this video, it appears that Nissan is working quickly to install both Apple and Android systems on a wide range of cars in Japan. There is no official word on whether the technology will percolate to US models, but it seems quite likely now that we know it is possible on existing models.

Incidentally the car in the video is finished in two-tone paint but it's not custom. In Japan, the Juke is available in two-tone colors directly from Nissan.

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