Audi A3 Cabriolet axed?

Audi is also canceling the two-door versions of the A1 and the A3.

The slow-selling A3 Cabriolet is one of a handful of Audi models that could get deep-sixed in the coming years.

Just 19,400 new A3 Cabriolets found a home last year, a figure that makes the ragtop the least popular A3 variant by a long shot. Giving it the proverbial ax will allow Audi to save money that will allegedly be re-invested into the development of more eco-friendly models like an all-electric crossover. The decision also falls in line with parent company Volkswagen's recent restructuring plan, which calls for the drastic reduction of the number of nameplates it builds.

Unsurprisingly, German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that Audi will also kill the two-door versions of the A1, its entry-level model, and of the A3. Two-door hatchback sales have collapsed in Europe over the past few years, and many of Audi's rivals phased out the body style years ago. An earlier rumor claims that the two-door Polo -- which the A1 is based on -- will be canceled, too, and we'd be surprised if Volkswagen decides to build another two-door Golf.

Audi hasn't revealed what the future holds for the aforementioned models. Even if the rumor turns out to be true, all three of them will likely stick around until the end of their respective life cycle.

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