Meet Graham, a man that's evolved to withstand car accidents

Ever wonder what human beings would look like if we evolved to withstand car accidents? Well here's an incredibly unsettling depiction anyway.

As part of a project educating people about car safety for Australia's Transport Commission (TAC), car crash investigator expert David Logan of Monash University, along with trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and artist Patricia Piccinini, have "designed" a man that can survive the immense forces exerted on the human body during an auto collision. And they've named the resulting creature Graham.

Graham also has no nose or neck. The former is an unnecessary protrusion that's just begging to get flattened in a crash, and the latter's pliability often results in spinal injuries. Perhaps grossest is his chest, which has a series of nipples that lead to air sacs. In the event of a wreck, the sacs would absorb the impact by expelling liquid.

Brain-wise, Graham's is the same as a normal human's, but in order to protect it a much larger skull and brain cavity are needed, with ligaments to suspend the brain in place so it doesn't go bouncing off the inside of the skull. Graham's skull is also described as "helmet like" by Piccinini, with built-in crumple zone cavities.

Graham also comes equipped with tougher skin, rabbit-like legs that can help him leap out of the way of an oncoming car as a pedestrian, and knees that bend in multiple directions.

The trio has created a life-size model of Graham, who will be touring the country to both educate and horrify Australians about traffic safety. See the videos below.

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