GM racing partner spills the beans on mid-engine Corvette

Chevy\'s C8 Corvette could debut next year.

A fresh leak has provided us with renewed hope that Chevrolet will finally make good on a mid-engined Corvette to take on the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari.

The most recent leak wasn't from Chevrolet but rather General Motors racing partner Katech. Before GM brought its Corvette Racing team in-house, Katech built the engines for Chevy's Corvette race cars.

GM Inside News recently noticed something interesting on Katech's Web site; a section dedicated to the "C8 Corvette ZR1/Zora LT5.” Katech has since removed the page from its Web site.

Although far from definitive, the C8 listed on Katech's Web site is another crumb of evidence that GM is indeed planning a super Corvette to take on the best from Europe. It's been rumored that Chevy will offer the mid-engined Corvette in both "base” ZR1 spec and high-performance Zora trim, which lines up perfectly with Katech's internet gaffe.

The LT5 part of the equation likely refers to the engine that will power the C8. GM used an LT5 V8 developed by Lotus and built by Mercury Marine in the C4 ZR-1. That mill used quad overhead cams, indicating the ZR1/Zora will ditch pushrods in favor of modern engine tech.

GM recently announced a $290 million investment into the Corvette's Bowling Green, Kentucky production facility, which could be the start of preparations for the C8. If the C8 ZR1/Zora is indeed slated for the 2018 model year, we should see it in the flesh sometime next year.

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