Tesla Supercharger stations could offer car washes

Tesla\'s car wash could use less than a cup of water per vehicle.

Tesla owners might soon be able to drive away from a Supercharger station with their car full of electricity and squeaky-clean.

A recent report indicates that the California-based automaker is looking into launching a car wash service at its Supercharger stations in the United States. Rather than hire employees to wash cars, Tesla wants to team up with Eco Green Auto Clean, an environmentally-friendly company that uses less than a cup of water per wash thanks to a process that's "designed to lift and dissolve dirt on contact.”

A pilot program is already under way at Tesla's Fremont, California, factory. Executives will gauge how satisfied Tesla employees are with the service before deciding whether or not to move forward with the project. A time frame for when a decision will be made - and when Supercharger stations will double as car wash stations if the project is approved - hasn't been given yet.

Tesla owners will be asked to pay a monthly fee to get their car washed, according to website Electrek. Insiders have revealed that two washes per month would cost $80 for Model S and Model 3 owners, while Model X drivers will need to shell out $90, a higher rate justified by the crossover's bigger size.

Tesla hasn't commented on the report.

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