Spied: 2018 Audi A7

Audi\'s fastback sedan spied in production form.

Our spies captured the 2018 Audi A7 testing Monday, giving us our first look at the Audi's new sedan-sportback in its production form.

Though fully camouflaged, this test vehicle confirms the prevailing notion among industry insiders that Audi's designers are content to leave well enough alone.

We can easily make out the A7's signature sloped rear end and wide, squared-off hips. The grille is shorter wider and runs out flush with the leading edges of the headlights, which have themselves grown slightly in the vertical dimension.

It appears the fog light recesses will be a bit less pronounced, but the aggressive lower lip spoiler remains.

In the rear, there's less to see for certain. The self-deploying rear wing spoiler clearly remains (impossible to miss, really) and we can see that the rear bumper protrusion will likely be less pronounced than on the current model.

Another noteworthy item in the rear is the absence of visible exhaust outlets. Given what appears to be a fairly advanced state of completion elsewhere on the body, it's somewhat odd that these are missing. Audi has a penchant for sculpting the exhaust finishers into the bodies its larger sedans and those may simply be covered on this tester, but perhaps it's a hint of something interesting under the hood of this particular development vehicle.

Stay tuned for more.

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