Bentley Bentayga heads to Pebble Beach with luxury trailer in tow

The SUV is the brand\'s first-ever model to offer a factory-installed tow bar.

Bentley's Bentayga will be headed to Pebble Beach with a luxury recreational trailer in tow.

The SUV is said to be the first model in the company's history to be available with a factory-installed tow bar. Claimed to be the most powerful SUV in the world, it has a 3,500kg (7,716 lb) tow rating in Europe.

Bentley has appropriately picked a trailer with a luxury focus, hand crafted by California-based Bowlus Road Chief. The company's similar Open Road Edition trailer boasts heated floors, skylights, an awning and onboard batteries to run air conditioning and other electronic gear.

When the trailer is unhitched at home or on a camp site, the Bentayga's tow bar conveniently retracts behind the bumper via a switch inside the trunk.

The Bentayga will presumably keep to a tame pace when towing the trailer to Turn 10 at the Laguna Seca circuit. Brand enthusiasts will be able to check out the duo later at the Quail and Bentley's Pebble Beach Signature Party on Saturday night.

The basic Bentayga fetches $229,100, while the tow bar likely adds around $1,000. A Bowlus Road Chief trailer is also a six-figure purchase, carrying a $137,000 price tag before customizations.

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