Spied: Faraday Future's first production car breaks cover

Faraday Future is taking aim at Tesla with an EV of its own.

Faraday Future, the up-start electric automaker taking aim at Tesla, has begun shakedown testing of its first production model.

Little is known about Faraday's upcoming model, but the prototype seen here appears to be the same vehicle the the company teased back in April. The overall shape of Faraday's new model is reminiscent of Honda's Crosstour, combining the attributes of a typical sedan with a crossover. That strategy would allow Faraday to take on the Tesla Model S and Model X with a single vehicle.

The Faraday crossover will be battery-powered and will likely come with all-wheel drive. The Faraday will offer seating for five in what should be a luxurious cabin. Not to be outdone by Tesla's Autopilot, the Faraday should be cram-packed with the latest autonomous driving technologies.

Faraday could show a concept version of its first production vehicle sometime next year. Faraday originally stated that its first production vehicle would be on the road by 2018, but the company has since backed off that date. In reality the company's first production will likely be available closer to the turn of the decade.

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