Mercedes-Benz recalls S-Class, GLE to fix misaligned headlights

The company suggests the issue does not pose a safety threat, but it does violate federal safety regulations.

Mercedes-Benz has expanded its recall program for misaligned headlights, adding certain S-Class and GLE-Class vehicles.

The first repair campaign was disclosed in July for a small batch of SLK, SL and SL63 AMG cars that may have left the factory with misaligned headlights. The company blamed a misaligned headlight calibration tool, which may have adjusted the low-beam to incorrect specifications.

More recent documents submitted to the NHTSA appear to confirm that the same problem potentially exists in the 2016-2017 S550 Coupe, S63 AMG Coupe, S65 AMG Coupe, S63 AMG Convertible, GLE 300d, GLE 350 and GLE 400.

"If the low-beam headlights are out of adjustment, the driver's visibility may be reduced, increasing the risk of a crash," the recall notification warns.

Mercedes-Benz is adamant that the misaligned headlights do not raise to the level of a safety defect, however the company has acknowledged that the vehicles may not be compliant with federal safety regulations.

Service technicians will simply check the headlight alignment and re-aim the assemblies if necessary.

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