Tesla Model S gains optional all-glass roof with reinforced body structure

Elon Musk promises the new roof \"makes the interior feel amazing.\"

Amid last week's speculation surrounding Tesla's new division dedicated to glass innovations, the company added an optional all-glass roof for the Model S.

The glass panel extends all the way from the A-pillars to the top edge of the rear hatch. The design eliminates the structural crossmember that can be found on the sunroof option above the B-pillar, separating the sliding glass from the fixed pane above the rear seats.

"This was very hard to develop but it makes the interior feel amazing," Tesla chief Elon Musk proclaimed in a Twitter post.

The executive suggests engineers reinforced the surrounding body structure for improved safety. It is unclear if the comment indicates an improvement over the standard aluminum roof and existing sunroof, or simply an higher level of roof strength than could be attained without such modifications, but Musk points out the Model S already achieves five-star ratings in every crashworthiness category.

The new roof is available as a $1,500 option, slightly cheaper than the $2,000 panoramic sunroof.

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