LA LIVE: Acura Precision Cockpit concept

The near-production design focuses on innovations in electrification, automated driving and connectivity.

Acura has revealed the Precision Cockpit in Los Angeles, showcasing a next-generation interior that complements the Precision Concept car that debuted earlier this year in Detroit.

The interior reflects the primary themes that have been shown in many futuristic concepts from various automakers, including electrified powertrains and automated driving systems, but toned-down for a more realistic preview of what to expect in production vehicles.

The instrument panel centers around a wide 12.3-inch display that can show traditional gauges or more advanced information from a complex sensor suite, highlighting relative positions of cars, cyclists, pedestrians or other potential obstacles.

Artificial intelligence is then used to show predicted pathways for each object. Using vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V), the system can even indicate which other nearby vehicles are known to be operating autonomously.

The concept cockpit is said to integrate the first example of absolute position mapping, combining the benefits of touchscreen technology but with a remote-based approach that reduces driver distraction. Interactions with a touchpad align directly with actions on the main display, with each spot on the touchpad mapped to a specific function on the primary screen.

"A traditional touchscreen approach is intuitive and direct, but forces a compromised placement of the screen close to the driver and out of the driver's natural line-of-sight," Acura explains. "A traditional remote-based interface - common in luxury cars - solves these challenges, but the interaction between the remote and the display is often indirect and clumsy."

The automaker claims the Precision Cockpit interior and Precision Concept exterior will provide the basis for future vehicle designs. The company has not outlined a specific time-frame or particular vehicle, suggesting the features and styling may roll out gradually across the brand's broader lineup in the coming years.

Live images by Brian Williams.

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