Canadian startup plans electric three-wheeler

The Azkarra is aimed right at the Polaris Slingshot.

Canadian startup Girfalco is preparing to introduce an electric three-wheeler named Azkarra.

The Azkarra was designed to compete directly against Polaris Slingshot. A dark teaser image reveals it features a wedge-shaped open-top body, pronounced front fenders, and no windshield. It's expected to look less wild than the Slingshot, which stands out as one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the market.

Power for the base Azkarra will come from an electric motor that spins the lone rear wheel, though technical details haven't been announced yet. Enthusiasts who need more grunt and additional grip will need to pay extra for the Azkarra S model, which gets all-wheel drive thanks to three electric motors and a torque-vectoring system. Girfalco predicts the S will be the fastest model in its segment, and capable of giving more expensive four-wheeled machines a run for their money out on the track.

With space for two passengers, the cabin boasts bucket seats and an upmarket stereo system designed specifically for open-top driving. Many aspects of the interior can be customized during the production process.

As of writing, we don't know how much the Girfalco Azkarra will cost; we're not even sure whether it will be sold in the United States. We won't have to wait long because it's scheduled to make its official debut next week.

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