Report: Audi, Porsche fight to lead VW Group's EV onslaught

The brands are said to be vying for development resources as parent VW attempts to slash costs.

Volkswagen Group's electrification push has reportedly sparked an escalating internal battle between Audi and Porsche.

The parent company is in the early stages of a restructuring plan, dubbed Transform 2025+, that shifts focus toward EVs in the wake of the diesel emissions crisis. The initiative will require billions of dollars injected into new projects, further straining finances as regulators continue to negotiate settlement terms for the TDI fiasco.

Individual group brands are said to be fighting over development funds and cost-cutting measures, potentially affecting which marque takes the leading role in VW Group's decade-long plan.

"There is a cut-throat battle for resources," an unnamed executive told Reuters. "Every brand with engine-manufacturing capacity now wants a leadership role when it comes to electric motors, battery packs and battery-cell expertise."

The company has downplayed the report, arguing that sibling rivalries can contribute to innovations and operational improvements, however the report hints at a deeper conflict that could be laying the groundwork for a leadership struggle.

"This is pure speculation which lacks any kind of foundation and is something which we emphatically reject," a spokesperson said.

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