Canadian startup introduces electric three-wheeler

Girfalco\'s Azkarra looks like it could star in the next Batman movie.

Canadian startup Girfalco has introduced an electric three-wheeler aimed right at the Polaris Slingshot.

Named Azkarra, the model stands out with a wedge-shaped open-top body, pronounced front fenders, and no windshield. Photos of the cabin haven't been published yet but we can tell there's room for two passengers on bucket seats. All told, it looks wild enough to star in the next Batman movie.

The standard Azkarra is equipped with a single electric motor that zaps the lone rear wheel with up to 100 horsepower. The more expensive Azkarra S offers a 301-horsepower, three-motor setup with a segment-exclusive torque vectoring system. Those figures are downright impressive considering the Azkarra and the Azkarra S tip the scale at 1,060 and 1,124 pounds, respectively.

Additional technical details are vague at best, and it sounds like Girfalco hasn't built a fully functional prototype yet. However, computer simulations predict the Azkarra will be capable of hitting 62 mph from a stop in 4.5 seconds; the S will perform the same task in a neck-snapping 2.5 seconds.

Both models will offer 124 miles of range. An 80-percent charge will be available in just half an hour when using a quick charger.

Production of the Girfalco Azkarra will be limited to just 100 examples, and the company expects to build the first 25 of those next year. Pricing starts at C$67,500 (roughly $51,000) for the standard Azkarra, and C$97,500 (about $73,000) for the Azkarra S. The list of options includes a comprehensive customization program.

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