Michigan approves driverless vehicles

Autonomous cars won\'t require human drivers.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a succession of bills Friday that will allow everyday operation of autonomous vehicles on state roads without the need for a driver.

Previously, only the testing and development of autonomous vehicles was permitted in Michigan. The new laws (Outlined by State Bills 996, 997 and 998) allow for general operation of autonomous vehicles without a driver present.

"Michigan put the world on wheels and now we are leading the way in transforming the auto industry,” Snyder said in a press release issued by his office.

"We are becoming the mobility industry, shaped around technology that makes us more aware and safer as we're driving. By recognizing that and aligning our state's policies as new technology is developed, we will continue as the leader the rest of the world sees as its biggest competition.”

These new laws come not long after the announcement that the Willow Run property (home of the B-24 Liberator during World War II) will be re-purposed as 335-acre autonomous vehicle testing facility.

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