Chevy Bolt won't arrive throughout US until September

The EV will be available in just eight states until May.

Prospective Chevrolet Bolt buyers in most US states will reportedly have to wait until the summer is nearly over before picking up the car.

The EV is currently only available in limited quantities from showrooms located in California and Oregon. A gradual rollout will add Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia by February; New York and New Jersey by March; and Washington by April, according to a distribution plan posted by Green Car Reports.

An additional 10 states are expected to be added to the list by August, while a full 50-state rollout isn't on the schedule until September. In the last states, initial orders will not be taken until July.

Reports suggest GM may have scaled back its launch plans for the Bolt, after successfully beating the Tesla Model 3 to market. Some analysts suggest the company is taking a significant loss on each unit, perhaps as high as $9,000, and may intentionally restrict production volume. If true, the strategy could minimize losses by subsidizing models with a voracious appetite for gasoline.

The cost equation could change if battery prices continue to decline, however GM's long-term production intent for the Bolt likely will remain unclear until the end of the year.

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