Spied: 2019 Porsche 911

Porsche\'s 992-generation 911 is taking shape.

Porsche's next-generation 911 sports car has been spotted undergoing shakedown testing in the frigid weather of northern Scandinavia.

Representing the eight-generation of the iconic 911, the latest car is being developed under the codename 992. It will replace the 911's 991 generation, which was first launched in 2011 and subsequently updated in 2015.

The 992 911 will ride on an all-new modular platform and boast a wide range of powertrain options. Today's turbocharged engines are expected to carryover, but Porsche is said to be developing a 911 with a hybrid powertrain. A pure electric version of the 911, however, doesn't appear to be in the cards just yet.

Despite that move to electrification, it's believed that Porsche will offer at least one back to basics 911 model with a naturally-aspirated engine and a manual gearbox, similar to that of the 911R.

Exact timing hasn't been nailed down, but Porsche could unveil the new 911 next year as a 2019 model.

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