Analyst: Tariffs would have biggest impact on JLR, Volvo, VW

The least vulnerable automakers apparently include Tesla, Ford and GM.

Analysts have issued a report detailing which automakers could be worst affected by President Trump's proposed import tariffs.

Jaguar Land Rover carries the most exposure by far, according to a Baum & Associates report cited by Bloomberg. With no models built in the US, JLR could be forced to raise prices by more than $17,000 per vehicle to recoup import duties.

If tariffs become a real threat, JLR would have to expand US parts sourcing or establish a factory in the US to reduce the tariff burden.

"The border tax approach will otherwise consume all of their profits from selling vehicles here," the report's authors concluded.

Volvo is next on the list with potential costs approaching $8,000 per vehicle. The third spot is held by Volkswagen, followed by Mitsubishi, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Not surprisingly, Tesla would have no additional costs since it currently makes all of its vehicles in California.

Such laws could give Ford an edge, increasing the per-vehicle costs by less than $300. General Motors is not far behind with around $1,000 per unit. Notably, Japanese automaker Honda is expected to pay less than Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, thanks to its high-volume US production output.

All major automakers and suppliers will be closely watching Trump's presidency to determine if he will move forward with plans to implement a new border tax.

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